Adjuvant & Biostimulant

Elicit Plant technology adjuvent

The technology of ELICIT PLAN is a BREAK-THROUGH technology (patent pending) that allow to modulate the permeability of plant walls.

The product combines a wetting effect, which distributes the water droplets on the surface of the sheet to a penetrating effect that increases the volume of water absorbed. The water and any associated inputs are then absorbed and retained by the plant in proportions much higher than the control plants. This product allows to increase the penetration into the plant of rainwater or watering but also several types of inputs: biostimulants, fertilizers or fungicides. The product can greatly increase the effectiveness of these inputs and reduce the dose required for their use. This is the ADJUVANT effect of the product

The application of the product also generates a major BIOSTIMULANT effect. The soaked seeds of the product grow faster with more vigor. The effects of rapid growth, vigor and root and leaf growth are also observed by foliar and ground watering.

Elicit Plant technology biostimulant

The ELICIT PLANT’s product formula is absolutely non-toxic. Its use, as an ADJUVANT or BIOSTIMULANT – or both -, reduces the need of agrichemicals intrants, therefore having a positive effect on farmers and well as consumers¬†health. It also has a positive effect on soil and river pollution