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Pioneers in controlling intakes of Phytosterols on large crops and perennial crops to reduce plant stress.

Researches in molecular vegetal biology have been able to identify for several years the role of the intakes of phytosterols, which are constituent elements of plant cells in the activation of plant defense mechanisms.

Elicit Plant is an Agri-Biotech research company pioneering in the control of exogenous intake of phytosterols in field crops to reduce stress on cultivated plants.

Elicit Plant researches, develops, industrializes and commercializes new solutions to activate the vigour-stimulating pathways of plants to meet their different stresses.

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What does Water Stress Reduction Mean?

Research aimed at reducing Water Stress seeks to identify and express the different natural means available to the cultivated plant to better withstand dry conditions: either by genetics or by the supply of external substances.

Root development, the regulation of osmotic pressure or evapotranspiration are ways for the plant to capture water in deeper reserves, to store water or to discharge less water while maintaining a normal cycle of development.

The activation of natural plant preservation mechanisms in the face of a potential water shortage during the development cycle allows for better access, storage and water saving. The aim is to reduce the number of critical days of water shortage, number of days of wilting.

The reduction of Water Stress is measured in concrete terms by several factors: a lower daily water consumption, a more useful supply of water,andincreased moisture in the plant. The expected yield can be preserved in comparison to the same plants grown without preventive treatment under identical conditions (soil and water shortage).

Most major crops experience Water Stress in Europe and around the world. They do not reach the expected optimal yield potential of varieties grown due to lack of water.

What does Biotic Stress Reduction Mean?

Strengthening the vigour of plants,with more abundant roots, stems and leaves, is one of the natural ways to prevent the effects of life attacks (biotic stress), which affect the health of plants.

Reducing biotic stress is to prevent the risk of plant alteration in the face of biotic aggression by delaying their onset and decreasing their intensity. It is measured mainly by: intensity and frequency of disease and a yield preserved compared to the same plants grown without preventive treatment under identical conditions.