Our philosophy

We wish to promote a new type of agriculture by creating a breakthrough to current practices by adopting an innovation whose efficiency is recognized by the greatest scientific research institutes. The objective is to offer to farmers, pursuing our research, an alternative with more economic efficiency in a more healthy approach to the environment.

Elicit Plant technology adjuvent

Effectiveness for our crops

Provide farmers with new economic solutions with stronger plants that better defense against abiotic aggression.

Elicit Plant technology adjuvent

Safety for farmers

Protect the health of farmers and residents by developing harmless products tested and controlled.

Elicit Plant technology adjuvent

Biodegradability for the environment

Propose practices that promote biodiversity and soil quality in a sustainable way, paving the way for new agriculture.

Our team is composed of researchers in biochemistry and plant biology, agricultural engineers, farmers and entrepreneurs for a balance and efficiency in the development of society.

Our innovative approach is part of the Eco-Phyto plan put in place by the French government, which aims to reduce the use of plant protection products (commonly known as pesticides) in France while maintaining an economically efficient agriculture.