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Collaborative approaches to effective field outcomes

The search for greater efficiency in preventing the onset of stress from cultivated plants leads to experimentation with combinations of prevention solutions to make them more effective.

Elicit Plant is structured to combine these solutions with others and invent new low-input farming techniques that will drastically reduce the use of Pytho Pharmaceuticals Products.

GIE of the Ecological Transition in Agriculture in Nouvelle Aquitaine Region

Elicit Plant participated in the creation of the GIE alongside the State and the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region in order to accelerate market approvals of new solutions for the Ecological Transition in Agriculture in order to benefit several start-ups from their training and knowledge of administrative institutions and allow experimental collaborations.

The GIE has created a common experimental platform in the Cognac vineyard and the carrying out collaborative experimentation in different vineyards.

Since 2019 Agricultural High Schools have been participating in experimental programs.

Partners GIE

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