Breakthrough innovation with multiple applications

The many innovative characteristics of the product resulting from the ability to modulate the permeability of plant walls lead to the development of a wide range of applications.

Physical properties of distribution on the leaf surfaces and on the increase of the water retention generate increased capacity of absorption of the elements of its environment a positive stimulation of the plant.

Elicit Plant technology adjuvent

Application as Biostimulant

The tests demonstrated intrinsic capacities of the product to favor the growth of the plants, reinforce their vigor and consequently their resistance to abiotic stresses.The water retention properties of the product could give the plant the ability to better withstand the drought, and reduce the amount of water required for watering.

Scientific research is underway to better understand the possible elicitation mechanisms that induce the product and that would allow the plant to better defend itself against aggression.

Application as an Adjuvant

The purpose of the use of plant protection products is to preserve the health of plants by controlling pathogens, pests and possible competing plants.If the product has no direct effect on these diseases it may nevertheless allow to increase their absorption and therefore the effectiveness of certain Biostimulants, Biocontrol products or plant protection products.

It could therefore be used for its adjuvant properties of Biostimulant products, or fertilizer or adjuvant products that fight to prevent the onset of diseases.  The reinforcement of the effectiveness of the treatments by an Adjuvant effect, could decrease the use of the products used in prevention in the culture of the wheat, the rapeseed, the potato, the vine and consequently the pollution and the costs of these treatments.

Elicit Plant technology biostimulant

Biostimulant + Adjuvant = two applications mode for ELICIT PLANT for a same goal : give tools to build an alternative agriculture