Elicit Plant technology adjuvent

Products in development

Elicit Plant has developed novel products of exogenous phytosterol intakes that significantly and repeatably increase the vigour of cultivated plants and their responses to stress.

Species-specific formulas are developed and developed to achieve concrete yield preservation results, mades more predictable by the use of the products.

Measures of objective stress reduction factors

Numerous real-world operating trials have been conducted on the experimental platform over the past 3 years as well as with public and private partners who corroborate the results obtained in the laboratory.

They validated methods of assessing the effectiveness of performance in stress prevention and showed convincing and significant results in reducing plant stress.

Targeted Species Results

After spraying products that provide phytosterols, plants will release less water by evapo transpiration throughout their growing cycle and have a useful reserve of accessible water in case of water shortage to avoid days of wilting.

Results on species targeted for the reduction of Water Stress can reach up to 15% of plant water capital preservation and result in proportional yield differentials.

The first controlled effects of the reduction of Water Stress have been shown on corn, soybean and sunflower species.

The results obtained take into account soil and rainfall parameters, they are treated statistically. They are corroborated by observations and data collected in controlled environments.

Elicit Plant technology biostimulant

New product development paths

Multi-site experiments are carried out in vines and on large crops to measure the benefit of the protection provided by the new ways of strengthening the vigour of plants and their resistance to aggressors (prevention of Biotic Stress).

Specific formulations are created to provide a species-specific response and combine several effective preventive effects with other approaches.


The approval of the products is carried out within the French regulatory framework of the Fertiliser Materials Growth Support.

The market approval process benefits from the support of the G.I.E. for Ecological Transition in Nouvelle Aquitaine Region.