About Us

Shortened research and development cycle from search to end-user

The Agribiotech Elicit Plant concentrates in one place the different stages of developing new inventions to combat the stresses of cultivated plants.

In product development cycles are the shortest possible in order to quickly select the maximum of effective combinations.

The discoveries resulting from the fundamental research carried out in-house and in partnership with the public research institutes allow the formulation and development of new products.

Applied Research develops new methods of measuring all factors that affect the increase in plant resistance to stress, as well as new analytical tools that cross-reference performance data in the laboratory and in the fields of designed prevention products.


Our research and development center

The research and development center located in Vilhonneur in Charente near Angoulême is an experimental platform located in the heart of an 815 ha precision agricultural farm covering different types of soils of climates and varied crops and equipped with all types of material used in agriculture.

The research team brings together researchers and technicians specializing in molecular biology, plant biology, organic compound formulation, agronomic and agricultural engineering within this unique platform.

The laboratory’s direct access to the fields of experimentation allows the rapid development of numerous applied research projects that integrate constraints and enrich themselves with observations made in agricultural practice.

The research center has significant capacity for experimentation in controlled universe with 3 chambers of cultures a chamber variable climatic condition, germination chamber and for experiments in large plots use sensors,, capacitive probes, pressure chambers and GPS humidity mapping by drone and data mapping of yieldss by weighing precision at harvest.

The research and development centre has been designed to accommodate other public and private institutions and to conduct joint observations and experiments.