ELICIT PLANT had developped a cutting-edge technology to get through the plant cell wall

Agriculture faces adaptation challenges: increasing agricultural production in the context of climate change,, addressing the need to feed a never-increasing global population, without increasing the area under cultivation or resorting to ever more pesticides.

Appropriate solutions are emerging as part of the search for the natural prevention of stress in cultivated plants.. These new solutions for this ecological transition from agriculture that have become necessary must return the economy to farmers so as not to burden them with the cost of this transition.

Elicit Plants is developing novel plant health solutions that combine different innovant plant stress reduction techniques and lead to new routes at low input levels..

ELICIT PLANT develops a product that ease the penetration of substances in the very heart of the plant, acting both on the plant wall and the plant cell wall. The product is active both on leafs and roots. The enhance permeability does not cause any damage plant or cell wall. The way the product itself, water or other substances (including chemicals) find their way into the plant is due to a softening effect on the plant well and a spreading of molecules of the plant cell wall.

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