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ELICIT PLANT had developped a cutting-edge technology to get through the plant cell wall

Agrichemicals are used at a wide scale in modern agriculture. They have one of the main factor to the dramatical yield growth in the last decade. But massive use of those chemicals have lead to soil and river pollution and to a toxic exposure for farmers. Regulations are currently active in France and UE to reduce the use of chemical intrants in agriculture by 50% before 2025. However, current alternative solutions are limited et won’t allow a massive change in the agriculture practices

ELICIT PLANT had made a breakthrough innovation by finding a way to open – for a limited amount of time – the plant cell barrier. The innovation is the result of researches on natural components, harmless for humans as well for wildlife. This allow the plant to be much more permeable to nature or chemical products used on the plant and therefore reduce the need for chemicals. The ELICIT PLANT’s formula also have a positive effect on plant growth and disease resistance

The ELICIT PLANT’s formula brings a disruptive way to reduce the use of chemicals intrants in agriculture due to the increased permeability of the plant cell barrier. Tests in labs and fields shows the formula acts as a booster in chemicals absorption by the plant. Moreover, the formula enhance plant’s growth (leafs, roots). As a result, the plant becomes more resistant by itself to desease or parasites. It’s probably an alternative for farmers for some cultures

ELICIT PLANT develops a product that ease the penetration of substances in the very heart of the plant, acting both on the plant wall and the plant cell wall. The product is active both on leafs and roots. The enhance permeability does not cause any damage plant or cell wall. The way the product itself, water or other substances (including chemicals) find their way into the plant is due to a softening effect on the plant well and a spreading of molecules of the plant cell wall.

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